19. Januar 2013


Vor einiger Zeit hatte ich Euch Bilder einer aus einem Lampenaufsatz mit Koralle gebastelten Figur mit Marmorsockel gezeigt (Link hier). Ich habe mir nun noch einen Aufsatz mit einem rohen Bornit gekauft und eine weitere Figur gemacht. Die Korallenfigur habe ich ein wenig verändert; wie Ihr sehen könnt, sind die "Schichten" (also Marmor und Acryl) der beiden Figuren vertauscht - so geben sie ein wirklich ein sehr schönes Paar ab, wie ich finde.

A few weeks ago I posted pictures of a figurine that I made of a lamp finial with white coral and a black marble base (follow this link). I have bought another lamp finial with a raw bornite on top and made a figurine out of this one as well. I've also changed the coral one a bit so that now the "layers" of the two statues (marble and acrylic) are exchanged - this way they make a really nice couple I think.


Patricia Casal hat gesagt…

Hi Carla!
I am a friend of Iria G., she introduced me to your site and I instantly became in love with it... I am always looking for things that inspire me and your posts always do. Also, I absolutely love your desings, you have a good taste and sense of creativity. Thanks for translating it into English (Google translator is not so good with German ;) ...). Greetings from a follower in Oporto! xoxo

carla@lush interiors hat gesagt…

Hi Patricia! Thank you so much for your very kind comment, I'm always thrilled to get good feedback! Actually Iria told me that you couldn't read my blog properly with the google tool so I decided to also do it in English, I'm so glad you appreciate it!! Hope to see you in Oporto when I visit Iria :) have a lovely weekend

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